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Just-In-Time (JIT) Program

Our Just-in-Time Program (JIT) is a total inventory management system using state-of-the-art Supply Chain Management Technology that supports your aircraft maintenance operations. It is custom designed for the DoD customer using a combination of COTS and our proprietary systems to lower operating costs by eliminating redundancies, bottle necks and improving work flow.

With a JIT Program designed for your needs, we can provide you with a state-of-the-art Supply Chain Management operational system that provide solutions to your hardware procurement, inventory and distribution requirements. Our JIT systems can be designed to include:
Advanced bar code/RF Technology
Encrypted Satellite Transmission of data
Paperless order processing
Automated inventory replenishment and Traceability tracking
Digital imaging storage of manufacturer documents
Hardware Kitting Services
Fastener Interchangeability engineering Service
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 
E-mail communication


Our customized kits are based on a bill of materials (BOM) the customer creates and submits to us, or we prepare a (BOM) to your specification. This allows you to order all the parts necessary for a specific task with a single part number. 
Provides for: Faster ordering, less inventory, less down time, less labor waiting for parts.


Customized Solutions

Lets talk and let us put modern Supply Chain Management Technology to work for you to create an on-site total inventory management program that is custom designed for the DoD Customer.
We can:
Forecast and Analyze your requirements
Manage and Monitor stock levels
Generate restocking orders
Provide quality parts and expendable supplies to your specifications
Provide you on-line notification of all re-stockings and delivery transactions
Provide you with monthly usage and management reports
What is in it for you?
Cost Reduction
Increased Productivity
Reduced Cycle Times
Reduced Inventory
Minimized Shortages
Improved Quality


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