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Aircraft Fasteners

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Fastener Capabilities

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We Supply all Major Aerospace Manufacturers Fasteners from stock and Fabricate Short Production runs of Non- Standard Aerospace Fastener Hardware to meet Customer Needs.

Please contact us at info@engr-consulting.com for your Aerospace Fastener Needs.

Aerospace Fastener Capabilities


All Aerospace Fasteners meet or exceed all applicable established Military and Industry quality standards, including ISO-9002 and the Fastener Quality Act (PL101-592). 

Each lot has a record of compliance and documentation for Traceability of all data related to each lot of Aerospace Fasteners.

Types of Aerospace Fasteners

MS Blind Rivets, Blind Bolts,  Blind Nuts
Aircraft Lock Bolts & Collars
NAS Blind Rivets,  Blind Bolts, Blind Nuts
Anchor (plate) nuts: one-lug, two-lug, corner, right-angle, full-size, miniature, fixed, floating, locking, non-locking
Barrel nuts and retainers
Capped/dome nuts: anchor, hex
Clinch nuts: nylon insert, all metal, heavy , light, miniature
Clip nuts: sheet metal, connector mounting
Gang channels: full six-foot strips, cut lengths
Hex nuts: nylon insert, all metal, heavy, light, miniature
Instrument mounting nuts
Metric nuts: hex, anchor
Press nuts: fixed, floating
Sealing nuts: standard, miniature
Shank nuts
Spline nuts
Stake nuts
Twelve point (double hex) nuts

A Sample of our Aerospace Fastener Capability

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